DJ Mike apologizes for getting this show to you late, but it’s probably worth the wait.
Ok, I’m gonna cut right to the chase. Wait–the is the second week in a row where I’ve cut to the chase. What exactly IS this “chase” that everybody keeps cutting to? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Apparently, it’s pretty popular. So popular, that I’ve cut to it twice now, and I don’t even know what I’m doing.

Here’s what’s going on. I’m a little bit late in getting you the playlist this week. So I don’t have time for funny stuff–I’ve got to get you right to the audio, so you can hear what all the fuss is about. Just know that we mixed a whole bunch of great music together in the course of about 3 hours or so.

I especially liked the following: playing birthday girl Lisa Said, and then immediately transitioning into early Who, Sacramento cowpunk rocker JonEmery, and then a naughty Van Halen song. A bit down the road, we transitioned from the smart pop of The Corner Laughers to the equisite soul of Al Green, then to Lindy LaFontaine for some magnificent vocals, followed by some smart L.A. country music from Skip Heller. There are several other startling segues in this episode, too numerous to mention. Plus–there might be some ones that I thought were startling that might be normal for you, and vice versa.

So let’s just move right to the audio portion of this blog. Click below, have a listen, and have a great night!

Artist | Title | Album
Eric Peter Schwartz | Regretville | Highway 45
Go National | Until It’s Good And Over | Got My One Good Eye On You
Dar Williams | Teenagers, Kick Our Butts | End Of The Summer
Cult of Wedge | Oh Lindsay | Loch Ness Monsters And Motherships
Sean O’Brien | Final Say | Risk Profile
The Scratch | Destroyed By The Look of Love | Mad Dogs and Englishness
T. Rex | Jeepster (Single/LP Version) | Electric Warrior
Drunken Prayer | It Happens All The Time | Cordelia Elsewhere
Molly Grue | O Dymphna! (Stepped Over) | The happy ending cannot come in the middle of the story
The Cherry Bluestorms | She Said She Said | Whirligig!
Bellygunner | Negative Kid | Machine Gun Built For Two
The Breeders | Cannonball | Last Splash
Mark’s Men | Where Were You Last Night | The Fowl Tone Sampler
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop | Christmas Sale | The Underground Garden
Matt Langlois | Always Happening | Merde!
Lisa Said | Some Dudes | Estranged
The Who | I Can’t Reach You | The Who Sell Out
JonEmery and the Unconventionals | If You Think You’re Heartbroken Now | Wrecked
Van Halen | Everybody Wants Some!! | Women And Children First
Rachel Taylor Brown | Little Gyre | Run Tiny Human
Salt | A Song For Jerome | The Loneliness Of Clouds
Alison Hogan | This Time | Songs From The Third Act
John Wesley Harding | Kiss Me, Miss Liberty | John Wesley Harding’s New Deal
The Decibels | Big Hits | Big Hits! (Plus Twelve More)
David Brookings & The Average Lookings | That Girl’s Not Right | Scorpio Monologue
The Corner Laughers | For The Sake Of The Cat | Ultraviolet Garden
Al Green | I’m Still in Love With You | I’m Still in Love With You
Lindy LaFontaine (with Kyro) | Haunted | Single release
Skip Heller | I Used To Love California | The Long Way Home
Bill Lloyd | What Time Won’t Heal | Working The Long Game
Leslie Pereira & The Lazy Heroes | Fly Like A Bird | Fight For Now
Lannie Flowers | Give Me Another Chance | New Songs Old Stories
Sunshine Boys | There Goes Another One | Blue Music
The Kariannes | This Song Is a Cure | This Song Is a Cure (Big Stir Digital Single No. 17)
R Stevie Moore | The Winner | Afterlife
Girls On Grass | Thoughts Are Free | Dirty Power
The Armoires | Alesandra 619 | Big Stir Power Pop & More: The First Year (2018 Reissue)
The Lemonheads | The Outdoor Type | Car Button Cloth
Diplomats Of Solid Sound | Good To Do | A Higher Place
Juliana Hatfield | Get Off Your Knees | Hey Babe
Sex 66 | Your Stinkin’ Bones | Grew Up Down
Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons | Who Loves You | The Very Best of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons
Felsen | Poor In A Wealthy City | Blood Orange Moon
Trip Wire | Act Fast | Once & Always
NRBQ | Just Close Your Eyes And Be Mine Ruby | Scraps
The Clash | Know Your Rights | Combat Rock
The Taters | Thingamajig | Taters PARTY
Chancellorpink | Cracking Up | All of Them Monsters
Natalie Cortez & the Ultra Violets | She’s Better | Stupid Fresh Or Stupid Bad
Gail George with Early Times | You Are There | The Barrio Sessions


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