No Filter Ep 84 – PRB & Stuff

Aired: 6/6/2019

Redd Kross – Beyond the Door

Brenyama – What’s the Color

The Ecks Men – New York Girls

Turbulent Hearts – Walkin’ Away

The Droogettes – Bitter Old Man

The Darts – Get Messy

The Heiz – Good Good News

Ravagers – Just Another Rat

Faz Waltz – All Over the Place

The Laissez Fairs – Phantom Stranger

Cromm Fallon – Electric Change

Aaron Archer – Real Thing

The Venomous Pinks – We Do It Better

Murder City Devils – Old Flame

The Damned – Help

Los Straitjackets – Game of Thrones

Dressy Bessy – What Is It?

The Minus Five – Well In Fact She Said

The Fleshtones – Lady Nightshade

The Cynz – Questions Questions

The Split Squad – Messin’ Around

The Erotics – Things We Do In The Night

Johnny Mafia – Big Brawl

The Sweet Things – Fix to Kick

Pat Todd and the Rank Outsiders – Yeah, Ya Had A Bad Night

Jordan Jones – Rumor Girls

Parasite Diet – She’s Got It

Jesse Malin – Room 13

Black Keys – GO!

ANC4 – You’re the One

Lucy and the Rats – Stick To You

Conmen – Too Tough to Dance

The Ghost Wolves – Monster

Los Pepes – Medication

Los Eskeletos – Dando Vueltas

Los Cheddars – El Actor de Kung Fu

Black Mambas – Up All Night


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