The Mike Rogers Show from Tokyo, Japan Starts on Woody Radio!

Hello! Konnichi wa! Ohayou gozaimasu! And Konban wa!

Welcome to the Mike Rogers Show! The program that launches a surprise Kamikaze assault upon your senses direct to you from the land of the Rising Sun, the Mike Rogers Show!

The Mike Rogers Show is the world’s first and only program that takes you inside of the vibrant and explosive Japanese underground rock scene! For the sights, sounds, thrills few people will ever hear. And I promise you, after tonight’s show you will be begging for more, more, more.

Every show starts out with a mind-boggling attack upon your senses as we hear from Tokyo’s top, but completely unknown to foreigners, underground, traditional Japanese instruments, garage music, punk, rockabilly and new music artists in Tokyo. Don’t even try to find these band in your tourism books, because these bands are hot and they are unknown to a foreign world.

The Mike Rogers Show features a mix of new hot underground Japanese bands, girl bands, rock bands, punk, garage and more all mixed in with brand new USA/UK bands. Also, many world premieres!

Stand by and get ready for something you will never hear anywhere else. You have entered Japan through the Mike Rogers Show!

woody radioのコピー


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