Who knew 10 Downing St. was this close to the men’s room?
First show of September. That means fall, changing leaves, cooler temperatures, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and pumpkin spice everything. Right? Well, um, not so fast there. This is Sacramento, and we have a Reverse Groundhog Day thing going on. The groundhog saw his shadow, so we’ll be getting six more weeks of summer.

Okay, that really isn’t a thing here. But it might as well be. While the rest of the country puts away their white pants right after Labor Day–and to support that position, the weather really does start getting cooler at this time, in a lot of places–that’s not what happens here. We really do stay warm until the week before Halloween. But this is the time of year where the sunlight starts to get a little softer, and even if it might be 90 degrees out–it just starts to LOOK like fall.

A fun thing happened to me last week–I visited 10 Downing Street! Ok, not the one where the British Prime Minister gets to live while he or she is in office. I was at a cool British-style pub for lunch in West Sacramento the other day, and there is a door, right next to the men’s room, which has a sign above it, which says “Downing St.” And on the door itself is the number “10”. I don’t know what the point was, except that I was totally amused, and I wanted to share that picture with you.

So we got the weather report and the travel report out of the way. What’s left? How about 3-1/2 hours of music for you! We’ve got some old new music, and some new old music, and even a song about a guy who transcends it all, “John Titor or The Time Traveler”. Just get in your time machine and go back. What’s that you say? You don’t have a time machine? Why–because it hasn’t been invented yet? That’s kind of not a good excuse. After all, future you might come back and visit you, and give you some pearls of wisdom.

But I digress. As I’ve done on every one of my 72 episodes of this Tuesday night radio show here on Woody Radio. Just sit back, relax, press play, and listen to some of this fine, if slightly “off”, mix of music. Enjoy!

Artist | Title | Album
Felsen | Lay Kenneth Lay | Felsen Loves You
The Mike Brown Band | What Would You Know | Single release
The Corner Laughers | (Now That I Have You I’m) Bored | Poppy Seeds
Nick Lowe | Dose Of You | Labour of Lust
R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner | I Am The Best For You | Make It Be
Alison Hogan | This Time | Songs From The Third Act
Elk City | Ride The Slide | Everybody’s Insecure
Lannie Flowers | Doin’ Fine | March To Home
Nirvana | Stay Away | Nevermind
The Imperial Sound | Get Along! | The New Am
Pete’s Copter | Magic Circle | The Fowl Tone Sampler
Kelley Ryan | Monkey To Man | Beyond Belief: A Tribute To Elvis Costello
Steve Barton | Before I Get Too Young | Tall Tales And Alibis – album 3
Allyson Seconds | Little World | Little World
Chandler Travis Philharmonic | Air Running Backwards | Waving Kissyhead, Vol 2 & 1
Chris Church | Be My Nuisance | Limitations Of Source Tape
The Big I Am | Tongue Tied | Single release
Chris Isaak | Running Down The Road | First Comes The Night
The Vulgar Boatmen | Cry Real Tears | You and Your Sister (remastered)
The Armoires | (How Did You Make) A Mistake Like Me? | Zibaldone
Pugwash | Everyone Knows That You’re Mine | Silverlake
Sean O’Brien and His Dirty Hands | Sleeping With Me | Mistakes
Drunken Prayer | Science | Cordelia Elsewhere
Victor Sotelo | Desperately Tired of White Noise | Homeland Insecurities
Tish Hinojosa | Faded Souvenir | Sign Of Truth
The Well Wishers | Great Day Out | The Lost Soundtrack
Cult of Wedge | Oh Lindsay | Loch ness monsters and motherships
Blue Swede | Hooked On A Feeling | Single release
The Kariannes | Every Word Means No | This Song Is a Cure (Big Stir Digital Single No. 17)
The Orange Peels | Running Away | Trespassing
Rachel Taylor Brown | Maker | Run Tiny Human
Heiskell | Just Can’t Say | Arriving
In.Deed | I’m Alright (When I’m With You) | Everest (Extended CD Version)
Dara Ackerman | Golden Circle | Partially True Stories
Michael Simmons | No More Girls | First Days of Summer
The Rubinoos | Honey From The Honeycombs | From Home
The Taters | Never Call Me Here | Taters PARTY
Jody Porter | In the Beginning… | Pacifier
Curtis Mayfield | Superfly | The Very Best Of Curtis Mayfield
Identical Suns | No Vacancy | Week Minded
Natalie Cortez & The Ultraviolets | Up All Night | Twitch!
Sunshine Boys | There Goes Another One | Blue Music
Laura Pharoah | Sweet Apple | Single release
The Decibels | Big Hits | Big Hits! (Plus Twelve More)
Matt Langlois | Spending My Time With You | Merde!
Cast | Alright | All Change
The Morning Line | Synthadamus | Single release
Bellygunner | Kilobyte | Machine Gun Built For Two
Urge Overkill | Positive Bleeding | Saturation
Sex 66 | Pennies | Grew Up Down
Rose Reiter | Top | What I Don’t Get
NRBQ | Get A Grip | Scraps
Molly Grue | Anyway | The happy ending cannot come in the middle of the story
JonEmery and the Unconventionals | El Camino / Ranchero | Wrecked
Soundserif | John Titor or the Time Traveler | 12 pieces in the shape of an apple
Don Hawkins | So Much To Learn | Stutter Step


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