Enjoy this very “Back To The Future”-like photo I took in a local Sacramento parking lot this past Sunday morning at around 6:00 a.m.
Sorry I’m a bit short on time this week. It’s the end of the year and decade, and I’ve only got like two weeks left before I start my annual Christmas Eve holiday shopping. Plenty of time, right? Well, maybe not. Maybe I’d better start now, and you should too.

If I can make a gift suggestion, I’d say buy any and all the music in the playlist below. It’s great, and you’ll be a hero to your lucky friends and family. But wait–I can practically hear you asking the question now: “How can I give this music as gifts, when I don’t even know what it sounds like?” I’m so glad you asked. That’s why I’ve included this handy little podcast of my most recent DJ Mike show, so you can preview all of it before you buy. So just sit back, relax for the next few hours, and listen to the music that should be on your holiday gift list. And while you’re at it, buy a copy for yourself as well. Go ahead–you deserve it!

Enjoy the show.

Artist | Title | Album
Liz Phair | 6’1″ | Exile in Guyville
Death Cab For Cutie | World Shut Your Mouth (Julian Cope) | Single release
The Lilacs | Shadow of Doubt | The Lilacs Endure
The Claustrophobes | Clever Minds | Underdog Pop
The Orange Peels | Grey Holiday | Sun Moon
Anny Celsi | Sideways Rain | Kaleidoscope Heart: 12 Golden Hits
Lannie Flowers | Free To Dream | Home
The Morning Line | Synthadamus | Single release
The Beatles | Good Morning Good Morning [Take 8] | Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band [50th Anniversary Edition 2 CD] Disc 2
Salt | A Song For Jerome | The Loneliness Of Clouds
Elk City | Luncheonette | Souls In Space
Molly Grue | Anyway | The happy ending cannot come in the middle of the story
Peter Murphy | Cuts You Up | Deep
Natalie Cortez & The Ultraviolets | Three Times | Twitch!
Ghost Outfit | Mess My Mind | Project:Ghost Outfit
Translator | Everywhere That I’m Not | Translation
The Corner Laughers | Bells Of El Camino | Poppy Seeds
Jackpot | Sensory Overload | Moonbreath
Kat Jones | Those Expensive Eyes | La Rosa, La Calavera
Matt Langlois | You Are My Weekend | Merde!
Richard X. Heyman | If You’re So Inclined | Pop Circles
Blake Jones and Tom Magill | Life Turns On A Dime | Single release
Pacific Soul Ltd. | Pacific Soul Time | The Dance Divine
Wade Johnson | When Will It End | When Will It End
Juliana Hatfield | Don’t Rush Me | Beautiful Creature
Girls On Grass | Down At The Bottom | Dirty Power
Bad Examples | Statue By The Phone | Bad Is Beautiful
Sean O’Brien and His Dirty Hands | My Colors Dark | My Colors Dark
Gail George with Early Times | You Are There | The Barrio Sessions
Frank Black | St. Francis Dam Disaster | Dog In the Sand
Kelley Ryan | Monkey To Man | Beyond Belief: A Tribute To Elvis Costello
Lannie Flowers | It’s All Over | Home
Sparklejet | Somewhere Along The Way | Phonovella – Unmixed
The Apples in Stereo | Tidal Wave | Fun Trick Noisemaker
Merle Haggard | If We Make It Through December (2006 Digital Remaster) | Hag: The Best of Merle Haggard
The Armoires | The Laws Have Changed | Side Three
Bud Rogers | Santa Monica Sunshine | Whiteout
The Jayhawks | Clouds | Hollywood Town Hall
Librarians With Hickeys | And Then She’s Gone | Until There Was You
Rebecca Turner | What If Music? | The New Wrong Way
Maple Mars | Christmastime In The City | Single release
Bill Mumy | Having You Around | Lockford
HUGElarge | Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White | HUGElarge
Jackson Browne | Rock Me On The Water | Saturate Before Using

Overtime I
Felsen | Vultures On Your Bones | Blood Orange Moon
My Little Hum | Don’t Build It Alone | Pioneer
Sunshine Boys | There Goes Another One | Blue Music
Tawny Thiele | Happy Together | The Fowl Tone Sampler

Overtime II
The Chandler Travis Three-O | Air, Running Backwards | Bocce & Bourbon: The Comfortable Songs Of Travis & Greenberger
The Bobbleheads | Afternoon | Myths And Fables
The Kariannes | Every Word Means No | This Song Is a Cure (Big Stir Digital Single No. 17)

The Smithereens | Deep Black | Green Thoughts


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