Gidget’s Top Song of 2019

There isn’t much intro this song needs. It’s just a full fucking circle of shit all rolled into one. When I started with Woody I played a band called Mindless Self Indulgence. Then The Secret Weapon turned me onto Morningwood and Chantal Claret. Chantel being married to Jimmy Urine or MSI and the lead singer of Morningwood.

This is Jimmy’s solo project. With his gorgeous wife Chantel singing with him.

My year deserved this song.. my last ten years deserved this song.

But the best review i can share about this song is my 12 year old likes to play the vinyl to this at 3am. He knows all the words and says it the best song ever.

The video features a heavily preggers Chantel.. Soon after the video was released they gave birth to twins. Hence the dancing twins in the video.


As a bonus this is my video of the year.. also by Jimmy Urine

And an extra added bonus.. both are actors.. All my kids universally love a different thing from each.

my oldest being a huge fan of the film “the Devils Carnival” Here is Jimmy And Chantal.


Thank you all for reading.. Go Get the song here at  Euringer’s Bandcamp



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