Woody Radio DJ Mike Show #87, 1/7/2020

Enjoy this view of DJ Mike’s newly-reconfigured
home studio.

This week is the first week of 2020 where I’m back in my usual Tuesday night time slot. This comes on the heels of a couple of weeks of Saturday morning shows, over the holidays. So everything’s back to normal, right?

Um, well, define “normal”. Any set of music that transitions from Fishbone to Mimi Betinis, by way of The Armoires can’t be considered standard radio fare. How about a Beatles Sgt. Pepper outtake, really more of a track in progress–when the completed track is available to me? And ending the show with something from the Austin Powers soundtrack–who does that?

We also heard a great new song for 2020 from Matt Wilson. Sublime. And new-to-me songs from Great Mimes and Nolan Voide. Both brilliant.

This show was a good way to start getting back into the swing of things, as I start to blow off the mental cobwebs and emerge from the holiday bubble. I hope you like the music–give a listen and let me know.

Artist | Title | Album
The Rain Parade | This Can’t Be Today | Emergency Third Rail Power Trip
Trip Wire | Easy Exit | Once & Always
Lannie Flowers | He’s Got Himself | Home
Elk City | Pity Of A Rose | Souls In Space
Plasticsoul | Keeping a Light On | Therapy
Blake Babies | Don’t Suck My Breath | Earwig Demos
The Smithereens | Room Without A View | 11
Lost Leaders | People Like Us | Promises Promises
Amoeba Teen | Like A Hit To The Head | Medium Wave
Sparklejet | Message to My Ear | Beyond the Beyond
Sunshine Boys | Caroline Yes | Blue Music
Liz Phair | Fuck and Run | Exile in Guyville
Big Head Todd & The Monsters | Greyhound | Strategem
The Rolling Stones | Love in Vain | Let It Bleed
Poplord | I’d Fall Down | Full/Filled
The Beatles | Good Morning Good Morning [Take 8] | Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band [50th Anniversary Edition 2 CD] Disc 2
Maple Mars | Borrowed Sunshine | Galaxyland
Great Mimes | I Lost Count | Baker’s Nine
Richard X. Heyman | Hope | Pop Circles
Banjo Bones | Cowboy Dreams | Cowboy Dreams
Molly Grue | O Dymphna! (Stepped Over) | The happy ending cannot come in the middle of the story
The Welcome Matt | Come Alive | More Empire Days
Jody Porter | She’s Changing Everything | Pacifier
Anton Barbeau | Land Of Economy | Kenny Vs. Thrust
Chancellorpink | A Rainbow’s Knocking | All of Them Monsters
Tom Alford | Yes It’s You | Second Foundation
The Bobbleheads | Like Oxygen | Myths And Fables
The Judybats | Incredible Bittersweet | Pain Makes You Beautiful
Natalie Cortez & the Ultra Violets | She’s Better | Stupid Fresh Or Stupid Bad
Ghost Outfit | Mess My Mind | Project:Ghost Outfit
Nolan Voide and His Own Bad Self | Mid Life Crisis | Single release
DC Cardwell | Peace And Love | Some Hope
XTC | No Thugs in Our House | English Settlement
The Bottle Kids | Her Heart Is Much Worse Than Her Bite | Let Me In On This Action
The Handcuffs | Kiss This Goodbye | Waiting For The Robot
Gail George | Pop Life | It’s Personal
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop | Alchemy C’mere | Make
Fishbone | Party at Ground Zero | Fishbone
The Armoires | The Laws Have Changed | Side Three
Steven Bradley | Capitol Hill | Summer Bliss And Autumn Tears
Mimi Betinis | Pontiac | Music Sounds
Matt Wilson | When I Was a Writer | When I was a Writer
The Gold Needles | This Autumn Road | Through A Window
Sex 66 | Pennies | Grew Up Down
Freedy Johnston | Sincere | Can You Fly

Overtime I
Lou Reed | Busload Of Faith | New York
Blame The Bishop | Get Up | Blame The Bishop
Michael Simmons | No More Girls | First Days of Summer
Nick Eng | It’s Alright | Long Shot

Overtime II
The Orange Peels | Mystery Lawn | So Far
In Deed | In Deed – I’m Alright (When I’m With You) | Big Stir Singles The Third Wave
Rachel Taylor Brown | Maker | Run Tiny Human
Steve Barton | Gimme Your Hand | Tall Tales And Alibis – Album 3

Ming Tea | BBC | Austin Powers


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