Woody Radio DJ Mike Show #89, 1/21/2020

“So what happened this week?”, you might be asking yourself. Well, Super Tuesday happened. No, no, nothing to do with elections. Besides, that only comes once every four years, and who wants to wait that long? Here on Woody Radio, Super Tuesday happens each week, coincidentally, on Tuesdays. It’s the day where we have three live DJs waiting to serve you!

DJ Mike, in a serene moment.

On Super Tuesdays, we bounce all over the country, from timezone to timezone, to serve up some of the finest rock ‘n’ roll available. We start in the afternoon in the Mountain time zone, where DJ Tim Tim the Ragman brings his blend of vinyl goodness to you. And you’d best believe there’s a David Bowie track somewhere in there. Then DJ Mac takes over, moving the station along nicely, to the Eastern time zone, where he delivers some Dischord to you. It’s an amazing soundscape of darker sounds, and if you occasionally hear Peter Murphy in there, you know you’ve come to the right place.

After Mac has had his say, we move along to me, stationed in the Pacific time zone, where I play my blend of alternative, indie, power pop, country, and Lord knows what else. Since I play so many different styles of music, and can’t even do a respectable segue, I never even named this show. I mean, a proper name for the show might give you some expectations, and that’s kind of a high bar for a Tuesday night. But I do try to make it fun.

And lest you think we left out the Central time zone–not to worry. Once I hang it up for the night, usually late, since I’m so bad at keeping to a schedule, The Secret Weapon takes over. Based in the midwest, it draws from Boris’ amazing collection of over 39,000 tracks, doled out to you one by one, over the course of the night.

I can’t speak for these other fine gentlemen, but I can at least share with you what went down this past Tuesday on my show. Enjoy the audio, and support this great music in every way possible.

Artist | Title | Album
The Orange Peels | Bicentennial Bridge | Sun Moon
Felsen | Heroin | Accidental Drowning
R. Stevie Moore | The Winner | Afterlife
In Deed | Don’t Need, Don’t Care | Don’t Need, Don’t Care (Big Stir Digital Single No. 16)
Rob Martinez | Maybe Miss America | Maybe Miss America
Melissa Phillips | Centralia | Fits & Starts
Lost Leaders | Extra-Ordinary | Promises Promises
Wade Johnson | When Will It End | When Will It End
Sarah Stanley | Not Gonna Leave | Tuesday Girl
Pete’s Copter | Magic Circle | The Fowl Tone Sampler
My Little Hum | Don’t Build It Alone | Pioneer
Popdudes | Magnet And Steel | Maximum Rock Stupidity
Danny Wilkerson | How She Lost My Heart | Wilkerson
Disturbed Furniture | Hit or a Miss | Continuous Pleasures
Chandler Travis Three-O | Backward Crooked From the Sunset | Backward Crooked From the Sunset
The Bobbleheads | Joey | Myths And Fables
Nick Eng | It’s Alright | Long Shot
Blake Babies | Grateful | Earwig Demos
Anton Barbeau | Beautiful Bacon Dream | Kenny Vs. Thrust
Bill Lloyd | Satellite | Working The Long Game
Agony Aunts | FU4TB Bolth | Single release
Alison Hogan | This Time | Songs From The Third Act
Nick Lowe | Nutted by Reality | Pure Pop for Now People
The Armoires | Responsible (Reuptake) | Side Three
Don Hawkins | Pricks And Stones | Stutter Step
Drunken Prayer | Science | Cordelia Elsewhere
The Kariannes | This Song Is a Cure | This Song Is a Cure (Big Stir Digital Single No. 17)
Peter Murphy | Deep Ocean Vast Sea | Deep
Rachel Taylor Brown | Little Gyre | Run Tiny Human
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop | Disentangled | My Soft Rock Girlfriend (Big Stir Digital Single No. 44)
The Mighty Lemon Drops | My Biggest Thrill | Happy Head
Nolan Voide and His Own Bad Self | Mid Life Crisis | Single release
Elk City | Luncheonette | Souls In Space
Forrest | Ghost Like You (Acoustic) | Single release
Trip Wire | Easy Exit | Once & Always
Natalie Cortez | I Wanna Ride | Backyard
Frank Black | Jaina Blues | Show Me Your Tears
Lannie Flowers | TV Off | Home
Lisa Mychols | Endless Daydream | Sugar
Amoeba Teen | Like A Hit To The Head | Medium Wave
Sunshine Boys | Only A Million Miles | Blue Music
Krista D | Black Eyed Susan | Look at me… I’m Krista D
Edward Rogers | Bright Star | Glass Marbles
Orbis Max | Stars In The Sky | A Pocketfull Of Tunes
The Breeders | Divine Hammer | Last Splash
The Decibels | Stupidity | Scene, Not Herd
The Whiskey Saints | Every Little Thing | 24 Hours
The Velvet Underground | Rock & Roll | Loaded
Jackpot | Tongue Tied | Moonbreath
Don Dixon | Praying Mantis (Live) | Single release
Steve Barton | Wake Up In Roses | Tall Tales And Alibis – album 3
Sean O’Brien and His Dirty Hands | Three Snakes Caught (Good Eye Finnegan) | My Colors Dark
Glen Campbell | Wichita Lineman | The Very Best Of Glen Campbell
Identical Suns | Unraveled | Identical Suns


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