Dolph Chaney’s live Quarantinarama set 4/13/2020

Last Monday, the amazing Chicago area singer-songwriter Dolph Chaney gave us a great solo show as part of our Woody Radio Quarantinarama series. Dolph recently released an excellent album, “Rebuilding Permit”, on Big Stir Records.

View Dolph’s live show

Set list:

  2. A Good Road Is Hard To Find (REBUILDING PERMIT)
  4. The Handling (REBUILDING PERMIT)
  5. Lean A Little (In The Turns) (SHENANIGANS)
  6. Under The Overpass (INFINITY DOGS)
  7. If I Write It Down (REBUILDING PERMIT)
  8. Beat It (GUMSHOE KOALA)
  9. The President Of The United States Is The Breitbart Bimbo (REBUILDING PERMIT)
  11. Automatic Caution Door (“The Handling” B-side)
  12. New Years (NEW BIRD RISE)
  13. Weaving In The Rain (CLIMBING MOUNTAIN TIME)
  14. Now I Am A Man (GUMSHOE KOALA)
  15. Graveyard Shift (GUMSHOE KOALA)
  16. I Call Shenanigans (SHENANIGANS)
  17. Only the Lonely (the Motels cover)
  18. No One Is To Blame (Howard Jones)

Woody Radio supports the artists in total isolation. Bands and artists will be using the Woody Facebook live feature to bring you new and unique shows for you to enjoy with your fave Woody Radio artists! and its all FREE. just sit back with your phone, tablet or desktop and enjoy the Quarantinarama.

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