I am 52 years old and i was born in 1967. Yes I am not a boomer and I am not a millineal.. I am the first group of gen xers.

We get forgotten alot and that is OK we are good at slipping through the cracks.

We are the last of our kind that didnt have computers at school. We didnt play online games till we got older and our nintendos are now retro!

The gen xers that were “Punk Rock” didn’t have labels.. we didn’t walk around going oooh that’s so punk rock and wow i think i am a punker now.

But I digress and forget what I came to tell you.

We are not cooler than you.

But our generation did not make the “Karen” ok so maybe some karens are gen xers but we didn’t make her that way.

we didnt use autotune to make hit records either.. so maybe in effect we are cooler than you..

boomers infact did have better music..

but we ended our reign on cool with a bang. We left you youngens without telling you the secrets to the Apocalypse.

You see we are the Reagan youth..We are the kids that are past the atomic bomb. we are the kids Reagan scared with Russia.

We knew it was a danger back in the high school days.. So we dont get why we didnt learn.. We are confused.

We watched mad max.. We read 1984 as part of a school curriculum. So how did you all forget.. This was in our training!

Red dawn was a huge movie back then.. Today’s youth would never survive red dawn.. it might hurt their feelings.. Am I a bitch about that YES.???

How did we survive the eighties when our worst threat other than Reagan was school jocks and cheerleaders.




there was a song for everything..

but i will return to this..

I see all the memes.

survival babies survival..

It doesn’t need to be generational. We g fought to be accepted by the boomers even though we were fighting authority every step of the way. We wanted to be individuals. we just wanted to BE.

I see memes about hair cutting..

dude i used magic markers and koolaid to dye my hair when i was 12… you really think time in is gonna keep me from dying my hair.. i love my hairstylist and she does a great job but seriously….

It’s hair dye..

we didn’t have all this fun color in a box when i was a teen and i am not missing out on the trend now..

social distancing.. hell we got that.. we hated people when we 15 lets bring that shit back! Fuck authority.. hell to the fucking ya! we had that down pat too.

making punk music in our living rooms and garages.. oh hell yes..

this is what we been doing..


We need a game plan.. This is more than just politics. this is our world.. so the ones who just dont get it.. they didn’t get the memo.. let them them later.. be nice.

Ramen can be fried a million ways.. spagettios can me made a meal when mixed with other shit.. you got this..hell anyone who lived in SF ever in their life knows how to make a dollar go a wee bit further so you can afford to rent a closet in a persons garage..

We have choices although they seem slim..

the hero survives..

the hero has cool ass hair for lack of a hairdresser..

the hero is fed ..’

there is still time for sex in the new world..

and until I see monkeys in the planet of the apes gear i think we are OK..


i think the term thats so punk rock is supposed to be an inult.. but in this case i will take it..

gonna slap the tiger balls on and live through this shit..the monkeys aint eating my balls…


keep making it and keep it coming..

here is a song that is recent.. although not this year but recent..this song is getting me through..

we are prepared .. and we will rise..




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