Woody Radio DJ Mike Show #115, 5/23/2020: Nick Piunti interview!

Nick Piunti

This past Saturday’s Woody Radio show was a real treat for me. I got to meet Nick Piunti, who’d literally released his new album, “Downtime”, only 24 hours prior.

Nick is one of those musicians who I’d heard OF for a number of years, but whose music I hadn’t heard. Until now. And wow, what an oversight on my part. We more or less run in the same circles–but they are pretty big and wide circles. So Maureen from Jem Records hooked me up, and just like that, he was on the line from Detroit, live on Woody Radio.

We had a blast. Nick grew up listening to everybody from The Beatles to Boston, and later to The Replacements and Crowded House. Those last two influences really tell a lot of the story. There’s not a whole lot of similarities, but you can hear how Nick’s new music fits between those two ends of the rock ‘n’ roll spectrum. His new band is called The Complicated Men, and having a dedicated band really ups the ante for him. He writes the songs–like dozens of them, concurrently, then figures out which 10 or so go on the record. Although they’re mostly finished, the Complicated Men take ownership and put in some finishing touches, and in some cases, take it a little further. The result–Downtime is a really great album. Melodic and rocking, with relatable themes about relationships, and life itself. It’s catchy, and the opening track, Upper Hand, is a real hook-filled, eardrum-grabber of a song. It would be an earworm on its own, but then the next song grabs you, and then so does the next one, and the one after that…

In the world of today’s music, I’d say that Downtime fits somewhere between Chris Church and Richard X. Heyman. Familiar–but not derivative. It’s like these songs should have always been there, but they’re brand new. I recommend you get this one. www.nickpiunti.com

Enjoy the show!

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Nick Piunti interview
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