Woody Radio DJ Mike Show #117 5/30/2020: Interview with Rex Broome and Christina Bulbenko of Big Stir Records!

On this Saturday’s show, my very special guests were Rex Broome and Christina Bulbenko of Big Stir Records, and also The Armoires. These two friends of mine should be your friends too. At the moment, they are ground zero for whatever good is happening in the indie music world. Or more accurately, their hard work and passion for music have turned Big Stir into ground zero.

So how did all this happen? It’s quite remarkable, but they make it sound natural and organic. They started out a half decade ago with their band, The Armoires. Then they started up a monthly series of shows in Burbank, CA, called Big Stir, where like-minded indie bands could find a receptive audience. Then they became a record label, releasing CDs, vinyl, and digital music. Then a radio show. Now a print magazine. And a regular release schedule, including weekly single releases. And a partnership with Futureman Records. And building musical friendships and alliances with other record labels, including Spyderpop and Mystery Lawn, among others. And…and…and…

Rex and Christina have been frequent guests on my Twirl Radio shows over the past few years, because there’s always something to talk about. This week was their first visit to my Woody Radio show, via safe Skype social distancing, of course, and there was plenty to talk about. They even made a couple of exclusive announcements on the show. What a great honor!

The magic with these two, of course, is that they’re just good people. They’ve created the Big Stir universe for all the right reasons, with no ego trips, just a healthy dose of good will. Doing right by people goes a long way in today’s world, and most of us are happy and fortunate enough to travel on the musical journey with them. I think you’ll like the fun, lively conversation. A whole lot of music got played during that segment as well.

Other program notes: this is the first time I’ve ever played the same song twice on the show. I got so carried away by the moment, that I forgot I played Anton Barbeau’s “Wire From The Wall” during the interview, so I played it again later. No matter, it’s a great song, and bears repeating. Also, keen listeners will pick up on the timely subtext of some of the music featured on today’s show. Music always helps.

Enjoy the show:

Artist | Title | Album
The Clash | Know Your Rights | Combat Rock
Jimi Hendrix | Star Spangled Banner | Woodstock Music From The Original Soundtrack And More, Vol. 1
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop | Red White & Blue So Blue | Pop Songs & Kyries
Scott McChane | Is This My Country? | The Angels Of Madness Shine
Richard X. Heyman | Guess You Had To Be There (Extended Version) | Pop Circles
Felsen | Gunfighting at Dawn | I Dont Know How to Talk Anymore
The Clash | Somebody Got Murdered | Sandinista!
Banjo Bones | We the People | Faceless Man
XTC | Melt The Guns | English Settlement
Bill Lloyd | I’ve Had Enough Of Your Love | Don’t Kill The Messenger
Gail George | A Wonderful Life | Bloom
Colin Hay | Going Somewhere | Going Somewhere [Bonus Tracks]
Wade Johnson | When Will It End | When Will It End
Emily Zuzik | All That Love | Single release
Lannie Flowers | Free To Dream | Home

Christina Bulbenko and Rex Broome interview
Big Stir Radar Intro | Big Stir Radar Intro
Dolph Chaney | Automatic Caution Door | Big Stir Singles: The Sixth Wave
Jim Basnight | This Is Where I Belong | Big Stir Singles: The Sixth Wave
Anton Barbeau | Wire From The Wall | Kenny Vs. Thrust
The Brothers Steve | Carry Me | #1
The Forty Nineteens with Tony Valentino | Late Night Radio | Late Night Radio (Big Stir Digital Single No. 76)
The Corner Laughers | Sisters of the Pollen | Temescal Telegraph
Dolph Chaney | The Handling | Big Stir Singles: The Sixth Wave
Librarians With Hickeys | And Then She’s Gone | Big Stir Singles: The Sixth Wave
Leslie Pereira & The Lazy Heroes | Sweet Summer | Fight For Now
Spygenius | Spite | Big Stir Singles: The Sixth Wave
The Armoires | When We Were in England (And You Were Dead) | Zibaldone

Robyn Hitchock | Tropical Flesh Mandala | Globe of Frogs
R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner | I Hate People | Make It Be
Natalie Cortez & the Ultra Violets | I’m Sorry | Stupid Fresh Or Stupid Bad
Danny Wilkerson | Carry The One | Wilkerson
Krista D | Penny for your Thoughts | Look at me… I’m Krista D
JonEmery and the Unconventionals | El Camino / Ranchero | Wrecked
Sunshine Boys | Don’t Keep It Inside | Work and Love
Aimee Mann | I Can’t Get My Head Around It | The Forgotten Arm
The Taters | Such A Good Day | Menagerie
Elk City | Pity Of A Rose | Souls In Space
Anton Barbeau | Wire From The Wall | Kenny Vs. Thrust
Poplord | Flower Bomb | Poplord vs The Universe
Sean O’Brien | Final Say | Risk Profile
Kat Jones | The Night Is A Veil | La Rosa, La Calavera
The Bobbleheads | Anne Murray | Myths And Fables
NRBQ | Get A Grip | Scraps
Jimmy Catlett | The Stupid Things | Waiting To Fall Off The Earth
liar, flower | my brain is lit like an airport | geiger counter
John Entwistle | I Found Out | Thunderfingers: The Best of John Entwistle
The Handcuffs | This is a Test | Waiting For The Robot


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