Dolph Chaney Live — Woody Remote — 7/13/2020 — THE YEAR IS 1994

This week on Woody Radio Facebook live: THE YEAR IS 1994!  Dolph played 29 songs, for 2h25m – his longest continuous set done *since* 1994 – a mix of his songs from that year (mainly from the INFINITY DOGS album, which is coming back soon for download at plus a slew of covers.  It was a great year in music, and this show sounds great and sure was fun!

I Am The B-side (“It’s OK” single / BIG STIR SINGLES: THE FOURTH WAVE)

Big Stupid Grin (INFINITY DOGS)


Prayer for the Dying (cover: Seal)

Red Right Hand (cover: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds)

Mockingbirds (cover: Grant Lee Buffalo)

How It Really Was (INFINITY DOGS)


Stay Away From Me (INFINITY DOGS)

Baby I Can’t Please You (cover: Sam Phillips)

Echos Myron (cover: Guided by Voices)

Fearless (cover: American Music Club)

Not Having You Around (INFINITY DOGS)

Meaningless (INFINITY DOGS)

On The Other Side (INFINITY DOGS)

Balm In Gilead (INFINITY DOGS)

Creeps Like Me (cover: Lyle Lovett)

Creep (cover: TLC)

Headache (cover: Frank Black)

Am I Wrong (cover: Love Spit Love)

Under The Overpass (INFINITY DOGS)


She (cover: Green Day)

X-French Tee Shirt (cover: Shudder to Think)

That’s Just What You Are (cover: Aimee Mann)

Bad Reputation (cover: Freedy Johnston)


Explode and Make Up (cover: Sugar)

Tomorrow (cover: James)


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