“Gods, Gaiman, and Birthdays oh my.”

I deter here in my journey to enlighten you for a few brief moments. I tried to turn my children into readers from day one. All of them late starters but once started it was a nonstop road. I never could turn any of them on to Sandman. not a one… maybe the youngest. it … Continue reading “Gods, Gaiman, and Birthdays oh my.”

Lisa Mychols’ Trinidadian Dhal recipe

By DJ Mike Lisa Mychols This past Saturday, Lisa Mychols was my guest on my Woody Radio show (listen here). Ever since I've known her, she's always looked forward to one of my interview questions: "what's your favorite food?". Turns out, Lisa is a bit of a foodie, and she had a really special answer … Continue reading Lisa Mychols’ Trinidadian Dhal recipe