Dolph Chaney Live — Woody Remote — 7/27/2020 — YES WEIRD CAN!

YES WEIRD CAN!™ Dolph Chaney brings you nearly 2 hours of songs that not everyone would find to be their walk-up music / jock jam / rev-up of choice but that he (or one of our audience members) finds gets them motivated and ready for taking on the world. With a strong mix of Chaney originals and a gobsmacking range of covers, this is among the very best Dolph shows on Woody Remote, a high-energy program guaranteed to pump *clap* YOU up!

Set list:

  1. This Year (chorus only) [cover: The Mountain Goats]
  2. Hounds Of Love [cover: Kate Bush]
  3. Automatic Caution Door (“The Handling” single / BIG STIR SINGLES: THE SIXTH WAVE –
  4. Enter Sandman [cover: Metallica] 
  5. New Moon On Monday [cover: Duran Duran]
  6. Nothing Is OK (GUMSHOE KOALA –
  7. Tear Me Down [cover: Hedwig and the Angry Inch]
  9. Picking Up The Peaces (LOUDNESS 2 11 –
  10. The Act We Act [cover: Sugar]
  11. Façade of the Year (LOUDNESS 2 11 –
  12. Way Out Loud (LOUDNESS 2 11 –
  13. A Good Road Is Hard To Find (REBUILDING PERMIT –
  14. Solsbury Hill [cover: Peter Gabriel]
  15. The Handling (REBUILDING PERMIT –
  16. No Myth [cover: Michael Penn]
  17. Portions For Foxes [cover: Rilo Kiley] 
  19. Hallo Spaceboy [cover: David Bowie]
  20. Road To Nowhere [cover: Talking Heads]
  21. If I Write It Down (REBUILDING PERMIT –
  22. The Mayor Of Simpleton [cover: XTC]
  23. The Spirit Of Radio [cover: Rush]

Dolph’s taking a vacation August 3rd — next show Monday night August 10th at the usual time!


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