Woody Radio DJ Mike Show #138 8/11/2020: “Surprise” visit with our own DJ Gidget!

DJ Gidget joins DJ Mike for a special visit from the “home office”.

Well, this week’s Tuesday show wound up being a little different than most–but more fun than most. Did you ever do a three hour Windows 10 update–two hours before your radio show starts? Yep, I’m sure you have. That was a bit of a tense moment–especially, because I had planned a “surprise” visit for our own queen of Woody Radio, DJ Gidget that night. It was what’s become an annual tradition–celebrate her birthday on my show. I joked that it was a “visit from the home office”. Either way, my Windows update finally finished up, and DJ Mac, who graciously stayed late and covered part of my show, let me have the airwaves. So I played a few songs, and then started seguing into songs that I know Gidget likes, and then Gidget joined me on the air.

So what normally happens when Gidget and I start chatting on the air? Long, lively, rambling, fun conversations, about anything and everything, always working our way back to music and radio. What happened this time? Exactly that. It was so much fun. I was enjoying it so much, that on a couple of occasions, Gidget had to remind me to consider playing some music! Admittedly, there’s not my normal amount of music on this show, but there are some great tracks.

If you want to hear what it sounds like when two dedicated Woody Radio DJs just speak frankly, honestly, and more importantly, try to make each other laugh–then this week’s show is for you.

Happy birthday, Gidge! And thanks for all you do!


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