Dolph Chaney Live — Woody Remote — 8/10/2020 — DJ GIDGET’S SPECIAL BIRTHDAY SHOW!


We celebrated DJ Gidget’s birthday on Facebook Live, led by Dolph on a rousing set of covers + 1 Gidge’s-choice original.

video (YouTube)

Set list —

1. Is There Something I Should Know? (cover: Duran Duran)

2. The Rainbow Connection (cover: Kermit the Frog / Paul Williams)

3. When I Need You (cover: Leo Sayer)

4. (A Monster Went And Ate My) Red 2 (cover: Elvis Costello and Elmo)

5. Furry Happy Monsters (R.E.M. / Sesame Street)

6. A Design For Life (cover: Manic Street Preachers)

7. War Pigs (cover: Black Sabbath)

8. Together In Electric Dreams (cover: Philip Oakey/Giorgio Morodor)

9. Gentlemen Take Polaroids (cover: Japan) / It’s My Life (cover: Talk Talk)

10. Teenage Wildlife (cover: David Bowie)

11. Perfect Way (cover: Scritti Politti)

12.  If I Write It Down (from REBUILDING PERMIT)

13. Somewhere in my Heart (cover: Aztec Camera)

14. Cuts You Up (cover: Peter Murphy)

15. Weather With You (cover: Crowded House)

16. Midnight Radio (cover: Hedwig and the Angry Inch)

17. Science Fiction, Double Feature (cover: Rocky Horror Picture Show)


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