Dolph Chaney Live — Woody Remote — 8/17/2020 — THE YEAR IS 2008

On August 17, Dolph dove into his album GUMSHOE KOALA from 2008 and paired its songs carefully with covers drawn from that same year.  A good couple hours’ fun!

Dolph is taking a week’s break to plan an extra-special episode on Monday Aug 31st — details soon, and you won’t want to miss it!

Set list (all from GUMSHOE KOALA except covers):

  1. Gumshoe Koala
  2. Worship Song   
  3. New Soul (cover: Yael Naïm)
  4. Graveyard Shift
  5. Deep Water (cover: Portishead)
  6. Better Than Killing
  7. Lions Of The Kalahari (cover: Sam Roberts)
  8. I Wanted You
  9. Gives You Hell (cover: The All-American Rejects)
  10. Fly On the Wall
  11. Strange Overtones (cover: David Byrne & Brian Eno) 
  12. Call Someone Else
  13. Stupid Now (cover: Bob Mould)
  14. Nothing Is OK
  15. Eraser (cover: No Age) 
  16. Beat It
  17. Take A Bow (cover: Rihanna)
  18. My Good Twin   
  19. Good Arms vs. Bad Arms (cover: Frightened Rabbit)
  20. Now I Am a Man
  21. I Like What You Say (cover: Nada Surf) 
  22. Anyone Else But You (cover: The Moldy Peaches / JUNO soundtrack)
  23. The Dying Polka
  24. I’m Yours (cover: Jason Mraz)
  25. One Day Like This (cover: Elbow)
  26. Be My Old Fart

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