Dolph Chaney Live — Woody Remote — 8/31/2020 — SELL A BRAIGHT!

There was a whole lot to celebrate on the last Woody Remote show of August — Dolph turned 47 and released a new single (courtesy of Big Stir Records)! Following a late-summer spring-cleaning of the studio, Dolph breathed fresh air into 2 solid hours of tunes, including both sides of the single — “Be My Old Fart” and “If I Write it Down” — with a few choice surprises.

8/31/2020 banner

Set list:

  1. If I Write It Down (REBUILDING PERMIT / “Be My Old Fart” single)
  3. The President of the United States is the Breitbart Bimbo (REBUILDING PERMIT)
  4. Party of Me (VERY JUST FINE: VOLUME 1)
  5. I Call Shenanigans (SHENANIGANS)
  6. The Stand (SHENANIGANS)
  7. Senses Working Overtime (cover: XTC)
  8. Lean A Little (In The Turns) (SHENANIGANS)
  9. Let’s Just Not Be Friends (SHENANIGANS)
  10. Hurry Hurry Hurry! (LOUDNESS 2 11)
  11. Façade Of The Year (LOUDNESS 2 11)
  12. Way Out Loud (LOUDNESS 2 11)
  13. Status Unknown (CLIMBING MOUNTAIN TIME)
  14. Glass (cover: Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians)
  16. Stupid Girl (NEW BIRD RISE)
  17. Nothing Is OK (GUMSHOE KOALA)
  18. My Good Twin (GUMSHOE KOALA)
  19. Say It Isn’t So (cover: Hall & Oates)
  20. Now I Am A Man (GUMSHOE KOALA)
  21. I Wanted You (GUMSHOE KOALA)
  22. Jessie’s Girl (cover: Rick Springfield)
  23. Automatic Caution Door (“The Handling” single / BIG STIR SINGLES: THE SIXTH WAVE)
  24. A Good Road Is Hard To Find (REBUILDING PERMIT)
  25. Be My Old Fart (new single / originally on GUMSHOE KOALA)
  26. (Who Am I) to Ask You to Dance? (REBUILDING PERMIT)

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