Dolph Chaney Live — Woody Remote — 9/21/2020 — THE YEAR IS 1993

Returning from a three-week break, Dolph took us back to 1993 — the heart of the alternative boom — featuring songs from his RIPPLES album and others he wrote that year (in his sophomore & junior years at University of Houston), alongside a disparate assortment of the year’s highlights.  Amongst the rock jams, this show features an extended acoustic segment and a 4-string twist toward the end!

Set list:

  1. The President of The United States is the Breitbart Bimbo (REBUILDING PERMIT
  2. Be My Old Fart (single) 

Theme: THE YEAR IS 1993

  1. Too Much, Too Little, Too Late (cover: Jellyfish) 
  2. If I Ever Lose My Faith in You (cover: Sting) 
  3. Pleasant Under Glass  (RIPPLES) 
  4. Sideless World  (RIPPLES) 
  5. Johnny Mathis’ Feet (cover: American Music Club) 
  6. Ordinary World (cover: Duran Duran) 
  7. The Wheat and the Chaff (unreleased) 
  8. Sometimes (Lester Piggott) (cover: James) 
  9. Within A Doubt (RIPPLES) 
  10. She Don’t Use Jelly (cover: The Flaming Lips) 
  11. Start Choppin’ (cover: Dinosaur Jr.) 
  12. Laugh (RIPPLES) 
  13. Sodajerk (cover: Buffalo Tom) 
  14. Sister Havana (cover: Urge Overkill) 
  15. Stratford-on-Guy (cover: Liz Phair)
  16. Perspective (RIPPLES) 
  17. Solar Sister (cover: The Posies)
  18. Down About It (cover: The Lemonheads / Smudge)
  19. Under The Overpass  (RIPPLES / INFINITY DOGS) 
  20. Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (cover: U2) 
  21. Creep (cover: Radiohead) 
  22. Handprint (HUMBUG GLORY) 
  23. Cure For Pain (cover: Morphine)
  24. Autopilot (cover: Seam) 
  1. If I Write It Down (REBUILDING PERMIT / “Be My Old Fart” single

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