Woody Radio DJ Mike Show #165 11/17/2020

More music more music more music…

Artist | Title | Album
Elk City | Pity Of A Rose | Souls In Space
R. Stevie Moore and Jason Falkner | I Hate People | Make It Be
Nushu | Another Rainy Weekend | Nushu
Yung Wu | Shore Leave | Shore Leave
Elvis Costello | Goon Squad | Armed Forces
Walker Brigade | DIsEASE | Therapy Animal
The Amplifier Heads | Funhouse Mirrors | Music For Abandoned Amusement Parks
Allyson Seconds | Obviously Love | Bag of Kittens
Thinking For Tuesday | Falling | Single release
Marshall Holland | Our Fate | Paper Airplane
Up All Night | The Records | Sweet Relief Volume 4
Sean O’Brien | Final Say | Risk Profile
Gail George | He’s an Exclamation! | Follow Your Bliss
Anton Barbeau | Beautiful Bacon Dream | Kenny Vs. Thrust
The Vulgar Boatmen | Mary Jane | You and Your Sister
Elton John | (Gotta Get A) Meal Ticket | Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy
Piramid Scheme | Modern World | Seen This Before – EP
Blaine Campbell | Happy Faces | Under the Tidal Wave
The Bobbleheads | Listen You Know | Myths And Fables
Sunshine Boys | Schoolyard Bully | Blue Music
The Corner Laughers | Wren in the Rain | Temescal Telegraph
XTC | No Thugs in Our House | English Settlement
Girls On Grass | Down At The Bottom | Dirty Power
Nolan Voide And His Own Bad Self | Mid Life Crisis | Single release
Natalie Cortez & the Ultra Violets | You Dear | Stupid Fresh Or Stupid Bad
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop | Alchemy C’mere | Make
Chandler Travis Philharmonic | Chandler Travis, King Of The World | Let’s Have A Pancake!
Migrant Pickers | The Fate Of The Trees | Beat This Town
David Dundas | Jeans on | Single release
The Handcuffs | Miss You on Tuesday | Waiting For The Robot
Duncan Faure | In The Right Place | Anthology
The Armoires | Anemone! | Side Three
Rachel Taylor Brown | Up You | Run Tiny Human
Lannie Flowers | Give Me Another Chance | New Songs Old Stories
Lou Reed | Romeo Had Juliette | New York
The Sleep Junkies | The FIrst Time Is Never The Last Time | The Fowl Tone Sampler
Petrified Max | Fail | Charlie Drove North
Starclub | Hard To Get | Starclub
Sarah Stanley | Tuesday Girl | Tuesday Girl
Farrington | Anatomic | Single release
John Entwistle | I Feel Better | Thunderfingers: The Best of John Entwistle
Cult of Wedge | When I was young | Loch ness monsters and motherships
Krista D | Penny for your Thoughts | Look at me… I’m Krista D
The Smithereens | Deep Black | Green Thoughts
The Well Wishers | All The Same | Shelf Life
mylittlebrother | Chicago | Howl
Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey | Angels | Mavericks
In.Deed | Heart Attack (Edit) | Everest
Gnarls Barkley | Gone Daddy Gone | St. Elsewhere
Jimmy Catlett | Pale Companion | The Big Beat
Fire Town | The Good Life | The Good Life
Felsen | Heroin | Accidental Drowning
Sex 66 | Numb | Grew Up Down


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