Collaborator Of The Year “Mike Collins” Back in the day, CMR worked with a small amazing band that should have been famous calledThrowback Suburbia. Gidget was such a fan she helped them get airplay on the Rodney On TheRoq show. She saw them live in Portland and Seattle and pimped the f*** out of them.Night after night, Woody chat would … Continue reading Collaborator Of The Year “Mike Collins”

Musician Of The Year “Brad Cox” In 2007, CMR was a bright and new concept. Internet radio and one DJ called Dave. I came alongand brought me some good tunage. One of those bands was Skitzo Calypso. Played for the firsttime in April of 2007. As the station changed names, Brad would change his look, sound and band.and each and … Continue reading Musician Of The Year “Brad Cox”

Artist Of The Year “Dolph Chaney” Singer-songwriter. Humanitarian. Former Jeopardy contestant. Woody Radio hero. That's our Dolph Chaney, Artist of the Year for 2020. We don't even have to tell you what kind of year 2020 was, but Dolph helped make it better. For many of us, his wonderful Rebuilding Permit release was our introduction to his music, and it … Continue reading Artist Of The Year “Dolph Chaney”