Artist Of The Year “Dolph Chaney”

Singer-songwriter. Humanitarian. Former Jeopardy contestant. Woody Radio hero. That’s our Dolph Chaney, Artist of the Year for 2020. We don’t even have to tell you what kind of year 2020 was, but Dolph helped make it better. For many of us, his wonderful Rebuilding Permit release was our introduction to his music, and it was both fiery and soothing. He graced us with live concerts on our Woody Radio Facebook page, most Monday nights over the course of the pandemic. No two shows were the same either. A talented musician, and a fine human being, it’s our honor to be associated with him.
~ Mike Lidskin

I was listening to Mike Lidskin’s radio show and he kept playing this amazing song called “If I Write It Down”.
Shortly after, a Dolph Chaney added me on Facebook. I put two and two together and saw this dude was
the “If I Write It Down” guy. Not only that, he had an awesome facebook. I looked forward to
connecting with him on a musical level. Shortly after, Mike had him as a guest on Woody. It was
a Saturday afternoon and I was floored. He was so utterly charming I just had to have more of
him at Woody.
When the quarantine started we started having Quarantinarama weekly shows by artists loved at Woody…and we quickly got Dolph to do one. That turned in two then three and then every week.
He is so entertaining. Every week he did a new theme that got everyone pumped and excited
to know what was next. He even did a Gidget theme on my birthday.
We changed the Quarantinarama name to Woody Remote and kept just Dolph. Although not every week anymore, but we do look forward to it every single time.
There was no doubt in my mind when choosing an Artist Of The Year it would be Dolph.
~ “Gidget”


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