Collaborator Of The Year “Mike Collins”

Back in the day, CMR worked with a small amazing band that should have been famous called
Throwback Suburbia. Gidget was such a fan she helped them get airplay on the Rodney On The
show. She saw them live in Portland and Seattle and pimped the f*** out of them.
Night after night, Woody chat would be DJ Loki, a few stragglers, Gidget and Mike the drummer..
Just hanging out…talking about his frog.
More than that, they brought her new songs. Songs she debuted on Woody to get them out there
and let Mike hear them on the air to get a vibe.
She got them to Mike Lidskin and more airplay to follow. He was with Twirl Radio then.
Then BOOM!, no more Throwback Suburbia.
Oh no, it was sad. The others went on to form another band with beards and shit. Good band,
but MIKE…he was seriously high in demand. People asked for him. What was he up to, etc.
everything he did, I played. Then he started doing these collaborations. This stuff was
even better than Throwback Suburbia. The artists he was working with were all famous and
Mike was the backbone with the drum sticks. Rooftop Screamers with Ken Stringfellow, David Paton, Dilana, Rob Daiker and Keith Slettendah among many others appear with him.
THIS is why he is the Collaborator of the year! Mike Collins you truly are a joy in the music industry.
~ “Gidget”


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