Musician Of The Year “Brad Cox”

In 2007, CMR was a bright and new concept. Internet radio and one DJ called Dave. I came along
and brought me some good tunage. One of those bands was Skitzo Calypso. Played for the first
time in April of 2007. As the station changed names, Brad would change his look, sound and band.
and each and every Brad incarnation found a home at Woody. Niki Thunders, Veteran Avenue,
The After Midnights, We Love The Underground and more. Half of the DJ’s at Woody played him in
one form or another.
And he is kinda hot too, according to a couple of the DJ’s…that helps with the Woody casting couch
and all.
He has been a staple on my charts almost consistently and he has this voice that makes the hairs on
your neck shiver.
We love Brad Cox.
~ “Gidget”


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