Quarantinarama Show of 2020

Let me start this by saying all of the Quarantinarama show are winners. Each one rules a universe of it’s own. But one truly stood out and was a favorite even among the other artists who I might add were incredibly supportive of each other.

The Quarantinarama shows held a sign of unity during a time of questioning…consumed in a world of lockdown and fear, came these amazing artists that both bonded and banded together to produce some of the best shows we have ever seen. They were intimate and encouraging. Filled with love. Love for Woody Radio and love for keeping the music alive.

There was really no show that outshined another show…so picking a best of was hard. We took votes and we tallied comments. We looked at attendance, and we picked. We had to take off Dolph Chaney and Johnny Jetson as they were on more than once. They became weekly and it just wasn’t fair to the ‘one timers.’

BUT all the shows are winners and each one is a favorite in it’s own way.
Please give a round of applause to all the performers of the Quarantinarama.

I now present to you…The 2020 Quarantinarama Show Of The Year Hayley and The Crushers


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