Dolph Chaney Live – 7/8/2021 – JULY 8: THIS DATE IN HISTORY – Woody Remote

Putting the “band? thhhhhhhhhhh” in “bandwidth”, this Woody Remote session (hosted by was beset by connectivity issues. Still, Dolph pushed some strong performances through the series of tubes, and commemorated July 8th in history — both his own history and… *history* history.

CORRECTION FROM DOLPH: “July 8, 1981 was the release date of BEAUTY AND THE BEAT by The Go-Go’s, not the date it went to #1. In March 1982, it would become the first #1 Billboard album by an all-female band. Sorry folks, I got excited about it during the show.”

Set list:

Now I Am A Man (1st mix made and lead vocal recorded July 8 2020 — first sessions for THIS IS DOLPH CHANEY)
Be My Old Fart (Dolph’s rough tracks completed and sent to Michael Simmons July 8 2020)
Vinyl Ventures (written by William Hayse with Dolph; theme for VINYL VENTURES podcast; recorded July 8 2020)

(Roswell Daily Record “flying saucer” headline July 8 1947)
Books About UFOs (cover: Hüsker Dü)
Motorway to Roswell (cover: Pixies)
Subterranean Homesick Alien (cover: Radiohead)
Starman (cover: David Bowie)
Space Age Love Song (cover: A Flock Of Seagulls)

(proposed for THIS IS DOLPH CHANEY July 8 2020)

(Hendrix/Monkees tour hits Jacksonville FL July 8 1967)
Purple Haze (cover: Jimi Hendrix Experience)
Last Train To Clarksville (cover: The Monkees)

Water From A Bourbon Glass (proposed for THIS IS DOLPH CHANEY July 8 2020)
Meaningless (written July 1992; recorded for THIS IS DOLPH CHANEY July 2020)

Lean On Me (cover: Bill Withers) (reached #1 Billboard singles chart July 8 1972)
Baker Street (cover: Gerry Rafferty) (CITY TO CITY album displaced SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER at #1 on US album chart July 8 1978)
Our Lips Are Sealed (cover: The Go-Go’s) (BEAUTY AND THE BEAT album released July 8 1981)

(Beck born July 8 1970)
Pay No Mind (Snoozer) (cover: Beck)
Cold Brains (cover: Beck)
Asshole (cover: Beck)
Satan Gave Me A Taco (cover: Beck)

My Good Twin (THIS IS DOLPH CHANEY; single and VIDEO coming soon!)
Graveyard Shift (THIS IS DOLPH CHANEY)


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