Super Duper Surprise Kimbra Show

By Gidget (with Maia)

So the last year and half seems like at least 8 years ago.

There has been ZERO shows i have been to.

Last week Twirl radio and Mike had a small local outdor venue show I attended but star studded acts have not been accessable for me.

Maia does a patreon fan club for the amazing singer called Kimbra. Yes the singer that sang on the Goyte song “Somebody that I used to know”

She is so much more than that. She is by far one of the best singers in the last 20 years. Her vocal range is amazing and melts hearts.

So back to the show. I had the chance to see her open for Goyte in 2012. She was just new on the scene and her album seemed to be propelling her to greatness. It was however over shadowed by her cameo with Goyte. Those who looked past that were suprised with the raw emotional talent she showed us. her emotionial vulnerabilty. Her performance that night led me to a long time fandom. When she came back a year later Maia, who was already listing her as her favorite singer, saw her live at the Riviera in chicago and was permanantly hooked.

We followed all the incarnations she followed up with and each new release she did brought more emotion to the listener as much as our hearts. She wrote songs that you felt as well as heard. Her voice has a range you dont hear often with the new world of auto tune and pop stars that are TV created.

flash forward to the NOW.

Maia was given the oppurtunity to purchace tickets for a private Kimbra performance in berkely. She jumped at the chance. Kimbra has been working on new stuff and being a member of her patreon She has been able to preview a few of the new things and was pretty much impressed at first listen.

I was out visiting at the same time as this was to happen so Maia purchased three tickets for myself her and her boyfriend a newly indoctrinated Kimbra fan.

We showed up at the super secret location at exactly 8pm. It was this amazing art space in Berkeley where most of the other people in line with us were patreon supporters of Kimbras. I think maybe there was 50 of us. The Ciel creative space was this amazing warehouse space where they had set up a small area for us to watch Kimbra work out some new songs.

People settled in and got ready for this chance of a lifetime. A small intimate upclose performance by a beloved talented angel of a woman. The Leader of the creative space appeared with a few small words reminding us that phone pics were ok but please no video as these songs have not been debuted yet and it was unfair to share them when Kimbra has not yet. but honestly I barely could take any pics as what was about to happen was completly mesmorizing.Her band appeared and started warming up and from the back this little ethereal woman swayed up to the front. she was as amazed to see us as we were to see her.

She appears larger than life up on a high stage but in front of us she was petite and utterly charming. I almost expected wings to pop out her blazer she had over the cutest bustier outfit she was wearing. Her voice was anything but petite. And the sound that comes out is haunting and quite frankly one of the most beautiful sounds. Her vocal range is timeless.

For a little over an hour we were treated to a few new songs. Some catchy and some heart grabbers.. And a few oldies like “Settle down”

She remarked on how wonderful it was to play us new stuff so she can work out the kinks. There was not one new song that didnt have hit written all over it.

She told us stories.

And mostly she used those hands she sings with. She waves them.. Moves them.. They are as much part of her voice as her songs are!

Her vulnerbility shows. Her emotion she shares with us. At some points in the show I was 2 feet in front of her as she walked amongst us. allowing us to soak in her DNA.. feel her heart that she shared.

She told a story of how she writes letters to her future child. and is unsure of the future they will lead. As she sang the song she wrote attached to the story i was filled with tears. It really got to my heart. I was there with my own child who i could not control the future of and it really hit me hard. and even a day later i am still touched by the words she told with this song.

She told the story of dating a boy in LA and how she blamed the city in the next song for what an idiot he was. And what a great song it was.

At the end of the show she let us know ther was no way to walk away and back with us for an encore so she would just do the encore then.

Of all the new songs she played i would guarentee that i will be playing the one called “Save Me” an I cannot wait to play all the songs and share how they affect my heart the way she shared her heart with us.

I wish to enjoy more intimate shows as this. To get up close and feel the testing waters with the artists as we start a new world of seeing live music.

9 years ago I stated that Kimbra opening for Goyte was the best live show I ever saw,.. Oh well I am over that.. Kimbra in Berkeley is now the best live show I ever saw…

I did not get the best pics of her playing but here is what I will share that I did take.

And here is a few live videos of Kimbra so you can feel her heart.. It wont be the same but I have never seen anything like her before.. She is truly one in a million.


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