Woody Radio DJ Mike Show #233 7/20/2021

Artist | Title | Album
Keith Kenny | Move Along | Lifetime Ago Motel
Lost Leaders | Probably Why We’re Here | Promises Promises
R. Stevie Moore and Jason Falkner | Another Day Slips Away | Make It Be
THE WELCOME MATT | Boutique City | More Empire Days
Easy Love | Alright | Wander Feeler
Dead Heart Bloom | Sentimental Cures | Strange Waves
Al Bloch | Kinda Makes Me Smile | Kinda Makes Me Smile
Dara Ackerman | A Million Flowers | Partially True Stories
Nolan Voide | Indie-Rock Superstar | The Forever Endeavor
The Scratch | Teen Idol | Mad Dogs and Englishness
The Bobbleheads | Who’s Gonna Love You | Make Yourself Happy
Gretchen’s Wheel | Younger Every Year | Behind The Curtain
Chandler Travis Three-O | The Mayor of Drunktown | Backward Crooked From the Sunset
The Clutter Family | Artist In the Office | The Clutter Family
Tamar Berk | skipping the cracks | the restless dreams of youth
Little Jimmy Giant | I Think You Think I Think So | The Fowl Tone Sampler
The Feelies | Time Will Tell | In Between
Gail George | Fool’s Paradise | Follow Your Bliss
Star Collector | Skyscraper | Demo Model 256
Elvis Costello | Tiny Steps | Armed Forces
Richie Mayer | Love Will Find A Way | Inn Of Temporary Happiness
Corner Laughers | The Red Queen | Tomb of Leopards
The Spampinato Brothers | Let Him Think On That | Pie in the Sky
The Handcuffs | She Ain’t No Fluffer | Single release
Lannie Flowers | I Got A Secret | Home
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop | The Girl In The Camera Obscura | Teasers From The Whispermaphone
Lisa Said | Been Around | No Turn Left Behind
Sunshine Boys | The Serpent in Spring | Work and Love
JonEmery & The Unconventionals | Did It All Wrong | HeartBroke Motel
Iggy Pop | Starry Night | Brick By Brick
Sean O’Brien and His Dirty Hands | Kingdom Of Love (Soft Boys Cover) | My Colors Dark
Petrified Max | Sipping the Moon | Year Gone By
DC Cardwell | I Can’t Run Fast Enough | Crystal Set
Molly Grue | O Dymphna! (Stepped Over) | The happy ending cannot come in the middle of the story
Elk City | Pity Of A Rose | Souls In Space
Farrington79 | The Switchblade Symphony | Saturday In Nowhereland
Rachel Taylor Brown | Little Gyre | Run Tiny Human
The Jimi Hendrix Experience | Bold as Love | Axis: Bold as Love
The Orange Wreck | The Machine | More Beheadings
Deadlights | Come Down Slowly | Deadlights
The Checkered Hearts | Precious To Me | JOYSTICK
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass | Lonely Bull | Saturday In Nowhereland
The Armoires | Walking Distance | Incognito
The Peppermint Kicks | Stooge | The Peppermint Kicks
Bill Lloyd | Sorry, But I Gotta Take This | Don’t Kill The Messenger
Frank Black | Two Reelers | Teenager of the Year
The Breeders | I Just Wanna Get Along | Last Splash
The Cleaning Ladys | Destroy Our Love | Whaduya Want Fer Free?
Alpha Cat | Something of Value | Pearl Harbor 2020
Anton Barbeau | Salt Lick | Oh The Joys We Live For
Los Lobos | Will The Wolf Survive? | How Will The Wolf Survive?
Jim Trainor | Truth | Staring Down The Sun
Jim Basnight | Second Street | Not Changing
The Fifth Dimension | Workin’ On A Groovy Thing | Ultimate 5th Dimension
Sex 66 | Numb | Grew Up Down
Don Hawkins | So Much To Learn | Stutter Step


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