Woody Radio DJ Mike Show #234 7/24/2021: Interviews with Louis Michot and Lisa Mychols!

Artist | Title | Album
The Chandler Travis Philharmonic | Ivan in Paris | The Ivan Variations
Petrified Max | Hole In The Sky | Charlie Drove North
Sunshine Boys | The World Turning Round | Work and Love
Mojo Filter | Chameleon | Unconditional
Kat Jones | Those Expensive Eyes | La Rosa, La Calavera
NRBQ | Green Lights | At Yankee Stadium
Easy Love | Forget About Love | Wander Feeler
Willie Wisely Trio | Kiss Her And Make It Right | True
The Kinks | Better Things | Give The People What They Want
Don Hawkins | Please Do Consider | Plummeting To The Top
Jim Trainor | After All | Staring Down The Sun
Krista D | Simple Social Tragedy | Look at me… I’m Krista D

Louis Michot interview
Willie Durisseau | Willie’s Zydeco | Creole House Dance 45
Willie Durisseau | Blues a Durisseau | Creole House Dance 45

The Smithereens | Room Without A View | 11
Rachel Taylor Brown | Up You | Run Tiny Human
Kerosene Stars | Don’t Pass Me By | Single release
Elk City | 25 Lines | Everybody’s Insecure
Jet Electro | For Sale By Owner | Jet Electro
Brent Seavers | Out In The Rain | BS Stands For
Nolan Voide | Indie-Rock Superstar | The Forever Endeavor
Frank Black | Jaina Blues | Show Me Your Tears
Brandi Ediss | Bees and Bees and Bees | Bees and Bees and Bees
Fire Town | The Good Life | The Good Life
Blake Jones | Three Jerks In A Jeep | The Homebound Tapes

Lisa Mychols interview
Lisa Mychols and Super 8 | Don’t Worry, Baby | Jem Records Celebrates Brian W
The Checkered Hearts | They Don’t Know | Joystick
Lisa Mychols and Super 8 | Pet Sounds Story | Jem Records Celebrates Brian W
Lisa Mychols | Into Oblivion | Sugar
Lisa Mychols | I Go Wild | Single release

Sex 66 | My Dying Day | Grew Up Down
Star Collector | Rip It Off | Game Day
Lannie Flowers | James Bond Theme | Songs. Bond Songs: The Music Of 007
The Mysteries of Life | Take You Up | Bad Advice
Vegas With Randolph | The Better Part | Above The Blue


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