As Dolph Chaney puts it, “TURNING ’21 — maybe turning it over a knee…” but turning the year over and into the new is the order of this Woody Remote set.  We get some Big-Stir-Covering-Big-Stir action, along with Dolph’s take on “Heavy & Abusive” by Tamar Berk (from fave album THE RESTLESS DREAMS OF YOUTH) as well as a world premiere of “Californiagain” — a new song Dolph wrote on (and about) his November 2021 southwest US tour!

  1. 1921 [Cover: The Who]
  2. Be My Old Fart
  3. Love Is Only Sleeping [Cover: The Monkees][in memoriam Michael Nesmith – previously covered in 2021 by Spygenius]
  4. Once In A Lifetime [Cover: All Time Low]
  5. Under The Overpass
  6. Beat It
  7. Sticks and Stones [Cover: Kings Kaleidoscope]
  8. Worship Song
  9. Status Unknown
  10. When You Were 18 [Cover: Nick Frater] [released on THE REBUTLES VOLUME 1 (ltd ed bonus CD with the vinyl edition of EARWORMS), credited to The Wuthering Dingleberries]
  11. I Wanted You
  12. Cuddle Party
  13. Heavy & Abusive [Cover: Tamar Berk]
  14. Now I Am A Man
  15. Californiagain [live premiere of new song from Dolph’s next album in 2022]
  16. That Funny Feeling [Cover: Bo Burnham] [previously covered in 2021 by Phoebe Bridgers]
  17. My Good Twin

A very happy turning of the year to you all, and as a bonus: here’s Dolph’s recent cover of “Famous Last Words” by Tears For Fears.  No matter what kind of war, may we carry war no more.


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