Woody Radio DJ Mike Show #244 9/14/2021

Artist | Title | Album
Pete’s Copter | Magic Circle | The Fowl Tone Sampler
The Mysteries of Life | Pin Drop | Blue Jay
The Armoires | Responsible (Reuptake) | Side Three
Great Mimes | Don’t Pay | Baker’s Nine
R. Stevie Moore and Jason Falkner | If You See Kay | Make It Be
The American Professionals | WMPMS | Sympathetic Overdrive
The Amplifier Heads | Rocket Boys | SaturnalienS
Lannie Flowers | Give Me a Chance | New Songs Old Stories
Debora Iyall | A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing) | Singing Until Sunrise
The Judybats | Don’t Drop The Baby | Native Son
Harvey Danger | Carlotta Valdez | Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone?
Star Collector | Get It For Free! | Flash-Arrows & The Money Shot
Juliana Hatfield | Everybody Loves Me but You | Hey Babe
The Brothers Steve | She | #1
Lou Reed | Sick Of You | New York
Migrant Pickers | Rossetti | Beat This Town
Lisa Mychols | Let’s Stay Together (Al Green cover) | Single
FARRINGTON | A Day At The Beach | Saturday In Nowhereland
The Smithereens | Yesterday Girl | 11
mylittlebrother | Goldmine | Howl
Rachel Taylor Brown | stagg field | Half Hours With the Lower Creatures
The Corner Laughers | Lammas Land | Matilda Effect
Corey Ledet Zydeco | It’s Gonna Be All Right | Corey Ledet Zydeco
Scott McChane | Is This My Country? | The Angels Of Madness Shine
Shoes | Your Devotion | Stolen Wishes
Bill Lloyd | Sorry, But I Gotta Take This | Don’t Kill The Messenger
The Amplifier Heads | GlamOrama | SaturnalienS
Sunshine Boys | The World Turning Round | Work and Love
Molly Grue | Anyway | The happy ending cannot come in the middle of the story
Anton Barbeau | Losing You Makes Crucifixion Easy | Empire of Potential
Alpha Cat | Something of Value | Pearl Harbor 2020
The Gold Needles | Sunset Girl | Through A Window
Felsen | Generals and Majors | Felsen Loves You
Laurie Larson | Corporate Chew Toy | A Striking Resemblance
Karen Haglof | Chew Toy | Tobiano
Little Roger | Chew Toy (She Keeps Comin’ Around) | Chew Toy (She Keeps Comin’ Around) (Big Stir Single No. 109)
Bill Mumy | You’re My Inspiration | Lockford
Wade Johnson | When Will It End | When Will It End
Richie Mayer | She’s Taking It Too Well | Inn Of Temporary Happiness
Tamar Berk | red ball | the restless dreams of youth
Danny Wilkerson | How She Lost My Heart | Wilkerson
Sarah Stanley | When I Lose My Heart | Tuesday Girl
The JAC | Persistent Man | Faux Pas
Jim Trainor | All I’m Thinking About | Staring Down The Sun
Nolan Voide | Indie-Rock Superstar | The Forever Endeavor
Natalie Cortez & The Ultraviolets | Up All Night | Twitch!
Sex 66 | Skinny Girl | Grew Up Down
The Rubinoos | Do You Remember | From Home
Frank Black | Two Reelers | Teenager of the Year
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop | Disentangled | My Soft Rock Girlfriend (Big Stir Digital Single No. 44)
Brandi Ediss | I Didn’t Try | Bees and Bees and Bees
The Amplifier Heads | The House Of Young Dolls | SaturnalienS
Janet LaBelle | Suddenly (Alternative Version) | Suddenly
Dar Williams | Teenagers, Kick Our Butts | End Of The Summer
Elk City | Luncheonette | Souls In Space


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