Woody Radio DJ Mike Show: Live From Texas 2022, EP2 7/29/2022

This was the second of a series of special live broadcasts from Arlington, Texas, at SpyderPop Records’ Cove Studios. John Borack joins me as we play some great tunes and chat about, well, everything!

Artist | Title | Album
The JAC | 6 Days on the Road | Drugs Trucks & Jesus
James Gang | Funk# 49 | Greatest Hits
SUPER 8 | Galactic 9 | Universal Journey
Charlie Cheney | She’s Made For Sunshine | Giant Chicken
Hushdrops | The Static | The Static
Tamar Berk | dandelions in my flowerbed | start at the end
Kevin Robertson | Trippin’ Back | Teaspoon of Time
Nolan Voide | I’m Not Myself Anymore | The Forever Endeavor
Spanic Boys | Keep On Walking | Spanic Boys
Dara Ackerman | A Million Flowers | Partially True Stories
Spygenius | I Dig Your New Robes, Pierre! | Jobbernowl
The Amplifier Heads | Ghost Song | Music For Abandoned Amusement Parks
Sparklejet | Time To Disappear | Kola
Urge Overkill | How Sweet The Light | Oui
Star Collector | Skyscraper | Demo Model 256
Bellygunner | Negative Kid | Machine Gun Built For Two
Rachel Taylor Brown | Mt. Athos | Falimy
The Pengwins | Go Away | Go Away
Felsen | Self Medicate | Accidental Drowning
Bill Lloyd | Dial Nine | A Selection of Power Pop 1985-2020 15 Songs
The Brothers Steve | Carry Me | #1
R.E.M. | Living Well Is The Best Revenge | Accelerate
Mad Mush | Silent Snowfall | Single release


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