Woody Radio DJ Mike Show #381 4/1/2023: Victor Erwin with Vic’s Picks: Texas singer-songwriters

In this episode, my friend Victor Erwin, of SpyderPop Records joins us with another edition of Vic’s Picks. I gave him complete latitude–and he served up a big slice of some of the greatest Texas singer-songwriters of all time. Vic was able to connect the dots for us and expertly organized these songs into meaningful vignettes. It was a wonderful show.

When you get a chance, check out SpyderPop Records, and you’ll see the same care in the music they curate and bring to the world. https://spyderpop.com/about/

Artist | Title | Album
Star Collector | Feel It Comin’ On | Attack, Sustain, Decay… Repeat
Tamar Berk | skipping the cracks | the restless dreams of youth
The Well Wishers | Figure It out Myself | Blue Sky Sun
Sparklejet | Time To Disappear | Kola
Natalie Cortez & the Ultra Violets | She’s Better | Stupid Fresh Or Stupid Bad
The Cynz | Mean Girls | Li’l Devil
Nelson Bragg | Lost All Our Sundays | GRATITUDE BLUES
Petrified Max | Snowshoe | Charlie Drove North
Lannie Flowers | Don’t Make Me Wait | Flavor Of The Month

Victor Erwin with Vic’s Picks: Texas singer-songwriters

Texas writers:
Townes Van Zandt | For The Sake Of The Song | Townes Van Zandt
Townes Van Zandt | Tecumseh | Our Mother The Mountain

Autobiographical songs:
Kris Kristofferson | Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down | Single release
Willie Nelson | Me and Paul | Yesterday’s Wine
Guy Clark | L.A. Freeway | Old No. 1

Heartworn Highways/Townes and Guy/Autobiographical continued:
Townes Van Zandt | To Live Is To Fly | Live At The Old Quarter Houston Texas
Guy Clark | Desperados Waiting For A Train | Live From Austin TX

The two best songs and why:
Ray Wylie Hubbard | Mother Blues | The Grifter’s Hymnal
Guy Clark | The Randall Knife | Dublin Blues

Townes Van Zandt | Poncho & Lefty | The Late Great Townes Van Zandt
Willie Nelson | Time Of The Preacher | Red Headed Stranger

Willie Nelson story from Ken Burns/Movies continued:
Guy Clark | The Last Gunfighter Ballad | Texas Cookin’
Rodney Crowell | Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight | Ain’t Living Long Like This

Rodney Crowell/Movies continued:
Guy Clark | Let Him Roll | Old No. 1
Joe Ely | The Road Goes On Forever | Love And Danger

Growing up in Texas:
Rodney Crowell | Telephone Road | The Houston Kid
Guy Clark | Uncertain Texas | Better Days

Willie’s best album:
Willie Nelson | Bloody Mary Morning | Phases and Stages
Willie Nelson | Heaven and Hell | Phases and Stages
Willie Nelson | Phases and Stages (Theme) Pick Up The Tempo | Phases and Stages

Sheer beauty:
Lyle Lovett | If I Were The Man You Wanted | Lyle Lovett
Lyle Lovett | If I Had A Boat | Pontiac
Rodney Crowell | Shame On the Moon – (Rodney Crowell – 1981) | Rodney Crowell
Rodney Crowell | Stars On the Water – (Rodney Crowell – 1981) | Rodney Crowell

Joe Ely intro:
Joe Ely | Fingernails | Live Shots (Remastered)
Joe Ely | I Had My Hopes Up High | Joe Ely

Joe Ely moves to rock:
Joe Ely | Musta Nottta Gotta Lotta | Musta Notta Gotta Lotta
Joe Ely | Settle For Love | Dig All Night

Ray Wylie Hubbard intro:
Ray Wylie Hubbard | Snake Farm | Snake Farm
Ray Wylie Hubbard | Coricidin Bottle | The Grifter’s Hymnal
Ray Wylie Hubbard | Chick Singer Badass Rockin’ | The Ruffian’s Misfortune

Henley/Big hits:
Don Henley | The Heart Of The Matter | The End Of The Innocence
Rodney Crowell | She’s Crazy For Leaving | Diamonds & Dirt
Maren Morris | My Church | HERO (Deluxe Edition)

Best version of the best song we heard:
Guy Clark | To Live Is To Fly | Live From Austin TX


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