Woody Radio DJ Mike Show #387 4/29/2023: Interviews with Joe Cannon of Resurrectionists, and Marko DeSantis and S.W. Lauden talking about Popsicko!

Artist | Title | Album
Ruby Free | Owe To The Man | Shades
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop | Make A New Day | Make
Raistalla | Long Way | Raistalla
Hannah Judson | Parachute | Stingray
Onward Chariots | Seven Miles Away | I’m So Good at Shining
Terminal Dogma | That Guy | Single release
Jason Falkner | I Live | Jason Falkner Presents Author Unknown
Eric Peter Schwartz | Roy Batty | Mustard On My Sexy Dress

Joe Cannon interview
Resurrectionists | The New Winter | Now That We Are All Ghosts
Resurrectionists | The Rest Cure | Now That We Are All Ghosts
Resurrectionists | Blue Henry | Now That We Are All Ghosts

Rachel Taylor Brown | We’ll Have A | Falimy
Nora O’Connor | Outta Space | My Heart
David Brookings | Mania at the Talent Show | Mania At The Talent Show
Don Hawkins | So Much To Learn | Stutter Step
The Morning Line | End of the Night | Scene
Star Collector | The Back Of Your Head | Attack, Sustain, Decay… Repeat
Forrest | Ghost Like You | Temper EP
Petrified Max | Formerly Mr. Softy | Everything’s Beautiful Now
Butcher, Baglio & Estes | Sunny Day | Gypsy Caravan
Tom Curless & the 46% | Ride Along Wave | Almost Ready for the Future
Sunshine Boys | Underwater | 2 x 3
The Fifth Dimension | Workin’ On A Groovy Thing | Ultimate 5th Dimension
Felsen | Self Medicate | Accidental Drowning

Interview with Marko DeSantis & S.W. Lauden
Popsicko | Gettin’ Used To You | Off To A Bad Start
Popsicko | Starless | Off To A Bad Start
Popsicko | Nastassja | Off To A Bad Start
Popsicko | Hard To Tell | Off To A Bad Start

Lannie Flowers | Free To Dream | Home
Identical Suns | Miss Her Reminiscing | Week Minded


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