DJ Gidget

Gidget started with the station back when it was Canadian Music Rocks (CMR). She quickly grabbed up Amanda and they took over with a vengeance. Woody never knew what hit him. They quickly put him away in the basement’s Bad Ronald room only accessible by a phone on the desk they received instructions from.

Out of the ashes of CMR rose Woody Radio where Amanda and Gidget quickly promised to make all the listeners and chatters ‘Rock Hard’. In 2013 Amanda and Gidget purchased the station from Woody and became a force to be reckoned with in the world of Internet radio. In 2014 they added “Boris” as an owner. Although Amanda is no longer an owner Gidget still tredges on. “Boris” and her run a tight ship of fools and fun…

Today Gidget runs the ‘Secret Weapon’ daily. (a show she runs with Boris) of ‘Music that deserves to be heard’. She occasionally still DJ’s a couple times a week, but mostly she likes to go into chat and say randomly strange things. She went to college to study Rock and Roll and photography.. She wrote for a few magazines and now primarily writes stuff for her own enjoyment and takes pictures of stuff that makes her happy.. OK really mainly cemeteries and decrepit stuff..