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Say Yo – Wednesdays 8pm – 10pm

From the Mailroom – Fridays 5pm – 8pm

Playing the best of

Born in the swamps of New Jersey, my musical interests began at a very young age, as I was always listening to the radio and discovering new music back in the heyday of new wave, the 80′s, and when MTV actually played music videos.  My musical experiences expanded as I got older and starting taking drum lessons, the result of banging on my mother’s pots and pans for many years.  My disc jockeying career began in college at WJTB 550 AM, Newark, the college radio station at NJIT.  After beginning as a DJ my freshman year, I expanded over the next 4 years, first serving as the music director and then as general manager for 2 years.  I also served as business manager in my senior year.
After college, I did some DJing on the side, doing some weddings, communions, and other parties.  I enjoyed it but it was always a pain in the ass having to lug all the equipment around, let alone the 500 CDs I would use when DJing.  (This was long before the days of simply playing music from one’s laptop).  Taking requests from the crowd became an issue too, as I didn’t always have what they wanted to hear, and half the time the requests were for crappy songs.  Little by little, I stopped DJing altogether, though I would still make sure that good music was playing during my annual BBQ parties.
It was around this time that I decided to put my drumming skills to good use, starting a band with two of my fraternity brothers and countless singers and bassists.  Though the band never got beyond the basement and a few backyard parties, it got put on the back-burner as I moved to concentrate on my career for a few years.
After getting the musical urge again, DJ Gidget Bates of Canadian Music Rocks told me about this new show she was doing for the CMR internet radio station.  I was rather intrigued about the new medium, and when CMR evolved into Woody Radio, Gidget did her best attempt to convince me to join the crew.  After taking a few months to convert my cd collection into MP3 format, I began DJing on Woody Radio with “Death at One’s Elbow”, a show where I play new wave, alternative, indie, pop, punk, Gothic, post modern, classic rock, hard rock, acoustic rock, and more, often with ‘theme’ shows.  The show began on April 11, 2009 and has been rocking ever since.  On March 30, 2011, I expanded into a second show, “Play for Today”, where I continue the same musical styles and free format shows.
In 2016, Woody Radio had a rebirth, and with it came new shows.  ‘Play for Today’ has evolved into “Say Yo! with DJ Glenn” and ‘Death at One’s Elbow’ has evolved into “DJ Glenn from the Mailroom.”  The shows may have a new name, but they have the same great taste and are less filling.   Be sure to tune in and turn on to the shows as you never know what you’ll get.  Peace out bitches.