DJ Kim Olin

No Filter with Kim Olin – Thursdays 7 – 9pm

I like music. I like playing it, I like listening to it, I like talking about it, and I like watching it live. My mom bought “Meet The Beatles” and played it for my when I was a baby. WFIL – AM, Top 40 out of Philadelphia was on the transistor radio constantly. I watched all the variety shows on TV, and snuck around to watch Don Kirshner and Wolfman Jack, because they came on past my bedtime. I was hooked early and needed a constant fix.

My show reflects that. I don’t play any single genre, but I only play what I like. That means you’re just likely to hear greasy garage rock, pounding punk, and jangly power pop, as you are classic rock, singer/songwriters, and R&B. But it’s so much more. On occasion I get to sit down with today’s music makers and talk about their lives and their art, in candid interviews. I will also make sure to tell you where and when the bands I play may be in your neck of the woods.

First and foremost, I challenge everyone to go out and see more live music. In today’s environment, it’s the only way our beloved independent artists can survive, and I’m committed to doing my part to support the scene.

I love listening to new stuff, and I will always listen to submissions. If you fit my format and I like it, I’ll give you a spin. If I really like it, I’ll come out and see your band and promo your shows. I can be contacted through the link below.

No Filter with Kim Olin