DJ Mike

“Twirling His Wood” – Tuesdays 11pm – 2am (Wednesday)

“Twirl Radio” rebroadcast – Wednesdays 6pm – 8pm

I have a passion for independent music and quirky music by popular artists. My deep, dark radio past includes playing “the finest music from the rock era” for 20 years at Twirl Radio, a stint at the late great Recharged Radio (based in London, UK), and stuffing envelopes at WBEZ, Chicago’s public radio station. Stuffing envelopes is great fun, but really, infecting people with great new music, and hamming it up on the microphone, is really where it’s at. Plus—stuffing envelopes doesn’t make for a very exciting radio show! I’ve known Gidget and the Woody gang for years, and she hinted several times over the years that I’d be welcome at Woody, if I ever chose to hang my hat there. Ok, it was more than a hint—anyone who knows Gidget knows that she doesn’t hint! So one fine day in 2017, I asked if the offer still stood, and before I could say “huh?”, I was on the air at Woody, making people rock hard! There are two things I like best about Woody Radio. One is the freedom. Freedom to play whatever music I want, and to say whatever I want on the air. The other is all the great Djs on Woody. The folks on Woody have an incredible passion for music, an unparalleled depth of musical knowledge, and a great sense of community. It’s one for all and all for one here at Woody, and I think that’s what makes this musical pirate ship work. Musical things I’ve gotten to do: Hosted and broadcasted live music events here in Northern California, written album liner notes (see the Vegas with Randolph album “Above The Blue”), played the “Magic Guitar” during a Pengwins show in Texas (ask me about that sometime), and I host the annual “Twirlie Awards” show, where I run down my year end lists and interview the winners. If you ever meet me in person, you’ll probably find me doing one of the following activities: wearing an Oakland A’s baseball cap, barbecuing, eating Mexican food, or listening to music. Sometimes, all at once. Thanks for listening to my show. And more importantly, thanks for listening to great music on Woody Radio.