Schedule of Shows

     12am – 9am
The Doctor
     9am – 5pm
      “Secret Weapon”
                    3pm- 5pm
“Gidget Thinks She Is The Queen”
                            5pm – 7pm
“Spaceman Mondays”
Dj Ragman
     7pm – 9pm
The Mad Dog
“Metal Faction”
     9pm – 11pm
DJ Mac
     11pm – Midnight
DJ Alex the Gothmariner
“Back Aft”
     Midnight – 1am
“The Secret Weapon”
     1am – 5pm
“The Secret Weapon”
      5pm-8pm                                       “DJ RagMan”
Mac’s fluffy fluff boy who loves you till tuesday!
     8pm – 11pm
DJ Mac
     11pm – 2am (Wednesday)
DJ Mike
“Twirling His Wood”
     3am – 6pm
“The Secret Weapon”
     4pm – 6:30pm                                   DJ Mike
                                       We stole “Twirl Radio” rebroadcast
      6:30pm -8pm                              Rick Warhall
                                                “Chasing The Essential”
8pm – 10pm                                          DJ Glenn
“Say Yo with DJ Glenn”
     11pm – 1am (Thursday)
DJ Tiny Frankenstein
“Fluffing the Demon”
     1am – 3am
The Guardian Demon
“The GuardianDemon (is naked and after your soul) Show”
     3am – 9am
The Doctor
“The Vortex with The Doctor”
     9am – 5pm
“The Secret Weapon”
     5pm – 7pm
DJ Ragman
“Block of Cock Bullshit”
                                         7pm – 9pm
Kim Olin
“No Filter”
JT and The Mad Dog
    “2 Stoopid Johns”
     11:00pm – 12:30am
“CJ’S Hardcore & Punk Music Vault”
     Midnight – 5pm (Friday)
“Secret Weapon”
     12am – 5pm
“The Secret Weapon”
     5pm – 8pm
DJ Glenn
“From the Mailroom”
     8pm – 1opm
DJ Sean Velour
“Hell Bent On Pleather”

     10pm – midnight

DJ Adam Waltmire

“Pop Garden Radio”
     12am – 8pm
“Secret Weapon Slumber Party”
     8pm – 1am (Sunday)
DJ Mac
“The Cutting Room”
     1am – 10am
DJ Mac
“Sunday Morning”
     10am – 12pm
JT and The Mad Dog
“2 Stoopid Johns”
     12pm – 7pm
“All the pods, all the pods I could have given.”
12pm- Mike Rogers Show
2pm- Ice Cream Man Power Pop
3pm- alt.TC
4pm – Just Some Punk Songs With Mick
5pm – Pulsebeat with Wayne Elliot
6pm – Wassup Rocker Radio with Alex Kish
     7pm – 12am
DJ Guardian Demon
“Armageddon Hungry with DJ Guardian Demon”

All listed times are in Eastern Standard Time
We are on the air 24/7/365, commercial-free.
The station shows on the air.n BOT will run when DJs aren’t doing live