TC (Ted Cousens)

unnamedTed played records for the first time at The Lampost, Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard in 1979. It was a ‘New Wave’ night in a shot and beer bar. Sometimes people showed up. He worked out of a box of records that included first albums by the Clash, The Pretenders, Elvis Costello, Roxy Music etc. 

He moved to San Francisco to pursue his career, pure Horatio Alger. He made tapes and brought them around to clubs. His first gig was at the Berkeley Square and he made $29.  One such club was Earls, a very hip and stylish French New Wave club. He brought a tape to Bernard, the music director, who told him, in a snarling French accent, “We don’t play ABC here.” Ted replied, “Who’s ABC?” Regular gigs ensued. 

He spent a year incarcerated at Houlihan’s on Fisherman’s Wharf. A notorious pick-up joint with really good Irish coffee, where any nuance of a segueway sent dancers leaving the floor like rats deserting a sinking ship, so he learned to mix nicely. 

He soon gave up waiting on tables and began spinning records at the infamous (or maybe not) SOMA underground party circuit Science Club, Anon Salon, Checkovs, and Medicine Ball to name a few. And when the clubs came above-ground, he came with them. Nine, I – Beam, Sub Club and the DNA Lounge where he was the music director from 85-90. 

He won the 1988 Bay Area DJ Dance Mix Competition, was a reporter to the Billboard dance chart and broadcast at two seminal radio stations, college station icon KUSF and Live 105 where he broadcast while mixing live from the clubs. 

Now, it is with great pride, fear and intrepidation, he returns to the airwaves with alt.TC on Woodyradio.