The Guardian Demon & The Doctor

Regenerations – Mondays 12am – 9am

The GuardianDemon (is naked and after your soul) Show – Thursdays 1am – 3am

The Vortex with The Doctor – Thursdays 3am – 9am

Armageddon Hungry with DJ Guardian Demon – Sundays 7pm – 12am

“Guardian Demon – Saving The World, One Song at a Time” The GD comes to us in a package deal and we would have it no other way. When he is done spinning his ultra fun magic The Doctor takes over and whisks us through a mind meld all night that is a force to be reckoned with!

Woody Radio needs the backbones that are the Guardian Demon and the Doctor.

As the Doctor appears to be an enigma we shall not disclose anymore than see fit other than to say he has the most excellent taste in names and music.

Ghy the GD comes to us loving us long time. He joined Woody Radio back when it was CMR and is the third longest running DJ.. behind Loki and Gidget herself. He is loyal and has this amazing following.

Gidget herself knows him in real life as they were cigarette girls at competing companies!

His worth at the station was recently proven by a small medical time off when the station really had a huge hole in his absence.. and the doctors too!. We just need them both.. and lots of them!