“The Secret Weapon”

Despite being clean and sober since March 27, 1990, I remain a “Full time cynic, with hopes of someday becoming a skeptic.” After surviving decades of abuse, and certainly taking many shortcuts on a path to self-destruction, I have survived and carry with me, ‘lifetimes’ of stories. (Some of which, I can even remember) My ‘sense of humor’ (or lack thereof) is, as I describe it ‘A Form of Self Amuse’.

After working for 36 years in Digital Media, I have put myself behind the lens of a camera over the past year. Most of my Photography is not ‘traditional’ or ‘conventional’, in the sense of the words, as I often seek out ‘The Beauty in Decay’ in a lot of my work.

I am also the “Secret Weapon” on Woody Radio, a radio show of “Boris” favorites. Present, past, obscurities, oddities and a few guilty pleasures. Faithfully maintained by DJ Gidget of Woody Radio. The “Secret Weapon” is heard a number of times per week and has been received very well by listeners in 129+ countries. In 2014 I Became one of the owners of Woody Radio.